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Hello, I just finished Flashing My M4A78-E Mobo with the latest Bios From Asus. After Flashing I Set the Bios to the defaults as recommended and rebooted. The System ran Good for about 10 minutes until I rebooted. I now have a Non-Functioning Computer. I Got the Check sum error that has been reported here , But when I went thru the recovery I got an error that states The Bios is too Old, or Not Compatible with the Current Motherboard Hardware. I have been doing this for A while and I have never run into this Situation . I am thoroughly Baffled. Any Help will certainly be appreciated .
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  1. We do not have crystal balls to see what error you get. :pfff:

    So please mention the Checksum error that you get?
  2. You Mean You Don't have Crystal Balls there, :o OMG I am so disappointed . If there were any Particular Checksum error Trust me I would have Mentioned it. It (the error says Checksum Error Period thats it, no more details) . This is what has baffled me to no end with this Problem, there is Nothing specific. I Posted this Issue here to see if anyone else had seen anything as strange and Non-specific or Baffling as this, But I guess Not . BTW, are you a Moderator or employee of Tom's Hardware or Are you Just A member with A Pissy Attitude. I have been visiting and following this Site since 1998 and I have never Heard or seen anyone treat members with this Holli-er then Now Attitude that you Project. This Site would not have the reputation That I have come to Enjoy, respect and have recommended to so many of My cohorts and friends If someone like you is allowed to continue to Treat their Members as you do.
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