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Hey guys!,
I have a quick question about this motherboard and the number of fan connectors it has onboard. I cannot seem to find this info on any reviews or retailer sites. My set-up will be running 7 fans (5 case fans and 2 on an H70) and am wondering if the MB has enough connectors, and if it doesnt if there is anyway to convert a different unused connector or USB port on the Board to accomodate another fan.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Right off the bat - purchase a Fan Controller, and get the MOBO you like. A fan controller is cheap and very practical in this instance. Most case fans are powered off the PSU w/molex adapters.

    I assume you meant GA-890FXA-UD5 -

    1 x CPU fan header
    2 x system fan header
    1 x power fan header
    4 Total
  2. Ah Okay and yes I did mean that board :) So a Fan controller would give me more Fan capabilites on top of the 4 Fan connectors the MB provides? Or would I have to use 2-3 3(or 4)pin Y splitters?
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    I "personally" don't use the MOBO to control any fans except the CPU fan and then only if it's the CPU OEM fan, if for example if I install a Corsair H50/H70 (closed system pump & radiator) then I must go into the BIOS and turn-off controlled speed for 100% on.

    However, if I am maxing-out a case full of fans then there would be no way the MOBO could/should power all those fans, and there would be zero speed control.

    To answer your questions, first you need to make certain that you are not mixing a bunch of fans with different connectors (read the specs); it would be a nightmare to have all different connectors. Yes, you can easily use "Y" connectors. Keep in mind the fans will be running 100% and the noise they can produce; typically get fans with <30 dBA unless: 1. extreme OC and you need large CFM or 2. you have a fan controller.

    Recommended fans: Noctua, Scythe, Silverstone, Rosewill, Cooler Master; extreme OC Delta.
    Recommended Controllers: Zalman, NZXT ; extreme OC Koolance

    Fan controllers: at minimum get at least 4 channels and those that have temperature displays for typical use. When you get into extreme OC it's a different story - its about programmability, capabilities, quality... Fan & Fan Controllers are a personal preference thing and there are no right or wrong answers - jut opinion.

    Good Luck!
  4. Hello,

    The CPU fan header is a 4 pin header, and in general the speed is controlled by the CPU temperature. Should be used.

    The 2 system fan headers on your MB and the Power fan header can be set to be controlled by the MB, or to run full speed. In the System Setup, PC Health page, disabling the fan controller will make them run full speed, Enabling them will cause the MB to control their speed depending on the temperature. In addition. the Smart Fan Controller in the same section, will determine if their speed is PWM or Voltage controlled.

    You can purchase ~ $3 (or make) a fan splitter, with the female single end plugging into a system fan header, and the split male connectors controlling 2 separate fans (at the same rate).

    The other inexpensive way to add full speed fan power, is to use a standard 4 pin Molex power connector to 3 pin fan connector (or split fan connector). It uses only the 12 V yellow lead and runs the fans at their full speed if they don't need to be modulated (I've made many of these adapters). They are readily available commercially also.

    So there are several ways to skin this cat, from simple to complex, depending on your needs or level of involvement.
  5. OP has an H70 {integrated pump header + 2 fans push/pull} - the pump must be running at 100% so it makes no difference; the fans can be variable but the stock fans @100% are quiet. The only advantage is the MOBO can monitor, if BIOS configured correctly, pump (fan) failure. Further, I set the BIOS to alarm if the CPU is > 70C-80C. Also, 7+ fans is not a typical install; if OP had 2-3 fans then run them however you see fit.

    In addition, with larger pumps you cannot/should not use the MOBO to power the pump(s).
  6. Thanks for all of your help guys! I do believe that I am going to get a nice NZXT fan controller,and maybe a fan splitter or 2 just incase I eff it up somehow lol.
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  8. NZXT is a very good choice - Good Luck on your build!
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