HD 5670 Reviewed

Hardware Zone just posted the first review of ATI's HD 5670.
Read it Here.
Looks like Firing Squad has their review up to.
Read it Here.
Toms own review is now up also!
Read it Here.
Also, Anandtech's Here.

400 Shaders @ 775Mhz
20 TMU's
8 ROP's
128 bit memory bus
512MB or 1GB GDDR5 @ 4Ghz

Performance is between a 9600GT and 4770, similar to a 9800GT in many games!
Powerwise, the 5670 is said to draw 14w idle and 61w typical load.
MSRP is slated to be under $100 for the 512MB version, $120 for the 1GB version.

Keep up the good work ATI!
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  1. I was just editing it in when your suggestion popped up :D
  2. Curious, the spec's say 8 ROP's but the GPUZ shot shows 16.
  3. It is probably just a mistake by GPUz.
    AFAIK, each card has to be manually added into the program and the current V3.8 was released December 1st.
    As all the reviews state there are only 8 ROP's, I think it was programed with a little guesswork ;)

  4. Now that is one tiny chip!
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