Performance Questions. (AS SSD Benchmarks ect)

Before I say anything, post my specs so nobody has to ask.

CPU - 2500k
MB - P8Z68-V
Ram - 8GB (2x4 Kingston HyperX 99924)
Video Card - Asus 6950 Direct Cu II 2GB
SSD - Kingston Hyper X 120GB
PSU - 660W 80+ Seasonic Modular
Cooler - 212+

I am running on the S3 port, I do have AHCI mode enabled in my bios, I have followed this guide on proper setup of SSD. Yet my results don't seem to make me believe that I'm attaining top 10 hard drive results as posted here, on PassMark

I can tell I am on my S3 port based on my results but I feel as though something is not clicking, just wondering if these are the results I should be receiving or maybe I missed something, I see people using AS SSD and getting way higher results on other drives on other forums.

My results here :

Passmark Results :

Now don't get me wrong, my response time, boot time, game load times and almost everything I do on my PC is blazing fast and responsive, I can have multiple things open at once and not even bat an eye in terms of response but I still feel that my over all benchmark results should be better considering this drive is said to be top 10 in terms of performance.

I do log my PC off but keep it on so that TRIM and Garbage w/e it's called can run, I turn off my computer periodically and haven't touched anything else in terms of OCing ect yet as I want to make sure everything is running as it should before I start playing around. :)

Edit : I do have 70GB free still so it's not a space thing either I wouldn't think.

Thanks in advance and I hope someone takes the time to respond. :)
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  1. it may be a problem with AS SSD benchmark

    it gives me a lower score than yours for my sata 3 ssd--says my read write speeds are 120mbs and 110mbs

    try atto benchmark instead--that shows my read write speed at just over what the manufacturer claims it will do

    so in atto its 556mbs and 520mbs
  2. I thank you for the input but ATTO uses compressed data so it's not a true result, I'm sure I'd get what the manufacture says in that sense but it's not what I'm looking for.
  3. What do you get in passmark?
  4. And AS and Passmark are different benchmarks, you know. It could be that your drive is Top 10 in one and not in the other.
  5. I get higher than Passmarks results in their software, I've updated my results.

    I'm not saying the drive isn't getting what it should, I'm asking if it IS what I should be getting and what others are getting with the same drive, as well as wondering if I've set up everything correctly.
  6. I'd say you're doing pretty well, comparing your passmark score to the one on the top drives list. The guys getting higher AS scores may have drives or setups that happen to be optimized for the way that benchmark tests.

    Also, I've noted that SSD benchmarks are a bit wonky sometimes, depend on what's running in the background (other programs, windows services, windows processes) and a lot of random factors.
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