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I know this has been asked before, but there seems to be a split decision.
I am upgrading my PC to a newer one and I have been debating getting an I7 (probably just the 920, there is still a big price jump to the next one, 940 or 950, let alone the extreme 965/975) vs the E8400. I am NOT a gamer, but I have been thinking of getting into graphic arts, programming and music creation programs (and maybe voice recognition). If I do get hot and heavy into these areas, which processor will serve me better? And I was also thinking of getting a Solid State Hard Drive to boost response times. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as I have been going kinda nuts on this. Oh, my price point is around $1000.
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  1. I have no idea how this can be a split decision. The e8400 is now dead and out of production. As of Q1 2010 Core2 has been replaced with the i3, i5, and i7 series CPUS. The i7 920 is categorically faster in every benchmark and performance test to an e8400. Even intels own presentation matierals have ranked the i7 920 above core2 quad since its release.

    Here is an article with an overview of intels plan and performance over the last couple years, as well as performance comparisons of the most common CPUs.
  2. i7 920 FTW!!! Are you planning to build? If you are the i7 920 is only $229 at Microcenter (in-store only).
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