How to overclock hp nx7000?

I bought this computer few years ago and is now getting too slow with the modern software.

When I go into the OS; there is no option to overclock or change the clock setting.

It has a P3B, Pentium M 130nm 900-1.7GHZ running on a 68BAL Ver F55.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do?


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  1. It won't be in the OS, it would be in the BIOS, being a HP overclocking wouldn't be allowed anyway (i know that because i have 3 HPs).
  2. +1 jay, HP fail: no overclocking possible
  3. You might have better results in adding more RAM. If you don't have the following amount you'll see a slow down:

    XP or Windows 7: 2GB
    Vista: 3GB

    What exactly is your problem. Do things just feel sluggish?

    I'd also recommend an SSD, but it's really not worth spending money on this system. Even if you could overclock that wouldn't make much difference.

    Your main issue likely isn't the CPU even though that is an issue. Your main issues are likely:
    1) insufficient RAM
    2) software issues (unless you've reinstalled XP in the last two years)
    3) slow hard drive

    My Aunt's Pentium 4 system (single core) only had 256MB of RAM in it. I put in in 2GB (2x1GB) instead for $30 at the time and the difference was incredible.
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