Help Please- System freezes at POST screen!

Hello. Please help me- I am helping a friend out by taking a look at his PC. The problem is the system freezes at the same point and will not boot. It happens everytime once the POST screen is displayed (where I am prompted to press 'del' to enter BIOS etc).

I am unable to actually enter BIOS or select a bootable drive once prompted however power is obviously getting into the system and all fans are working. And I can also assume the graphics card is find as I am able to see the POST message on the screen.

I have tried stripping down the system and re-building, to eliminate bad connections, only to find the same problem.

I have also tried only the neccessary components needed to boot the system (PSU, CPU, a single stick of RAM)- Same issue.

I have replaced the CMOS battery just to be sure that wasn't causing any problems although there were no indication of it being low in the form of messages. I have also used the jumper to reset the CMOS. Again still in the same situation.

I can only assume that it is a bad motherboard but before I order a new MB I wanted to be sure. All help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks George
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  1. try to replace the memory card or just clean it up with a typical pencil eraser
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