New system problem

I have new system just built

OCZ 2x2 gb ram
samsung 1tb
powercolor hd 5770
antec 650w
lg dvd writer

computer freeze with one color on screen (all red, or all grey, etc) when i am playing 3d intensive games or just surfing the net. it happens few times on one day or doesnt happen for two days or so.

One thing I noticed is computer screen blink (goes blank and come back(about less than 0.5 sec)) couple times or so before it freeze.
Another one is when i tried to read the virtual drive, it give me reading error but the image file is already been read correctly or can be read correctly after reboot.

I have tried resetting memories and video cards....same result.
I dont know what else i should do the fix this problem and i have almost nothing to change to see if one of component is problem.

Please any suggestion would be helpful. thank you in advance.
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  1. I would start by uninstalling the video drivers then download and install the latest version 9.12.
  2. I have installed latest driver from first time installation....
    I will try reinstalling the driver again....
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