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I have a new Gateway laptop with the ati hd3200 and windows 7. I bought a new program (4D Embroidery) that is having an issue. The developer blames it on my graphics accelerator and I have searched everywhere on my computer but cant find how to adjust the accelerator. Is it possible to adjust it? When I get to the "change settings" button it is greyed out..
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  1. what do u mean by "adjust the accelerator" ??
    What problem did u get? can't install? error?
    also, what kind of program is "4D Embroidery"?
  2. 4D Embroidery is a program that allows you to take clip art or photos (jpg etc) and turn them into embroidery designs to sew on a machine. The program installed and runs fine until I try to use one part of the program called "embroidery wizard" I have re-installed the program 3 times with all updates and each time I try to use the embroidery wizard it crashes the program. The error comes up as "4D embroidery has stopped working" Close program. I have talked with the tech support for the program and they are saying I need to turn down my graphics accelerator. I dont know if thats the case or if they are just blowing me off..So I tried to find out how to turn down the graphics accelerator and that led to my first post. Thank you for responding
  3. i don't know either how to "turn down" hd3200, it's already weak gpu...
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