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Using an Antec Sonata III with the stock 500w Antec PSU that comes with the case. MOBO is an Asus P5KC

Sometimes, when I shutdown...everything turns off but the PSU fan continues blowing. Pressing the power button then stops functioning...wont boot the PC, or turn the fan off. Think the PSU thinks the PC is on, so the button only works if you then hold it down for 3 seconds...then everything turns off.

Bad PSU...or is there some temp monitor that keeps the fan on to cool the case? Sounds more reasonable that its a duff PSU, thinks the PC on even after shutdown, which would explain why the button functions as if it would while running windows....requiring continuous push to turn off.

Help appreciated

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  1. Perhaps. But I would double check the connections of the power supply first. I think someone on the forums had a similar problem but I cannot remember what the solution turned out to be.
    -Does your keyboard caps lock still function after this type of shutdown? Press caps lock and see if the light turns on/off.
    -Is the CPU fan still spinning after this shutdown?
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