3570k is very hot. Or is it?

to get to 4.6 you probably need to up the voltage...as long as its stable there is nothing wrong with running at a lower voltage....seems like you may have gotten a pretty good chip for overclocking. 67c is a really good temp for those speeds too due to like you said the low vcore....running it at a low voltage will in no way harm the cpu
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  1. I was messing around with the 3570k just today, and at 4.5GHz and after 20 minutes of prime95, the highest temperature was only 67°C with the Hyper 212 Evo. I was looking at some posts here on TH, and noticed that some IB temp's at 4.4GHz was even around 90°C!

    Is there any specific reason that mine is that much cooler?

    If the voltage is too low, then the computer won't boot right? Never tried it though, what actually happens if the voltage is too low? I'm still using stock voltage, never changed it in bios (around 1.115V).

    When I tried 4.6GHz, I got a bsod when starting the computer. Should I try raising the voltage?
  2. it may also be some confusion of exactly which temp you are reading.

    The 90c from the other reports might be a different temp probe than what you are reading.

    As for my personal thoughts, I don't think it's worth it to change voltages just to get a couple 100mhz (2%) , but your computer is your toy so do whatever you want with it. I personally want to do practical things, not just have a number to talk about on the internet.
  3. ^^agreed I would keep your cpu where it is you will notice no difference in performance but you will notice a big diff in temps.
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