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I have the three monitor display connected to my new sapphire 5850 video card. I also have the displayPort to DVI Dual-Link Adapter my problem is that the display only show up on two monitors not all three. Please help!!!!!!!
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  1. Hey there

    Are you using an ACTIVE displayport?

    To enable Eyefinity a PASSIVE adapter

    will not work (although there are suggestions that it will under certain situations).

    In my setup, a PASSIVE adapter did NOT work (I had the same problem as you) BUT an ACTIVE displayport adapter will work.

    Note: Do not buy an Apple displayport. I heard there are problems.

    Good luck.
  2. I have the active displayport. Do you have to setup the third monitor in the CCC or have to configure the monitors period in the Catalyst control center so that the monitor will be recognized by the video card?
  3. So you can't use the hdmi port then?
  4. you can use any 2 from the 2 DVI or 1HDMI, the 3rd monitor has to come from the Displayport output. this is where you need that $100 active converter.
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