I want to fill the rest of my NZXT Phantom out and need some advice.
I love the NZXT white fans there very aesthetically pleasing and I wont be convinced to get any other brand.

What I would like to know is are the NZXT FX Fans worth the extra money?

Here is the NZXT Fan Product List

There are 3 types of 140mm.

The FN

The FX

The FZ

Now clearly the FX is suppose to be the superior one as its got a much faster speed, however is that speed increase going to make a huge difference, or is it another one of those 'enthusiast' things?
Has anyone had good experience with these?

The price for me is the difference between £5 and £10, so roughly $8 to $16 for Americans.

Also does the Phantom Come as stock with the FN series? Would it be worth upgrading to the 120mm FX ones as well?

Any suggestions welcome.
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  1. NZXT's new FX Enthusiast & FS Silent Fan Series definitely deliver on their promises, but still hold some minor design flaws. These are still all quality fans that are easily worth a consideration if they suit your needs.
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