Transcend 800 MHz jetram showing only 400 MHz??

My Transcend 2GB jetram 800Mhz showing only MHz of dram when seen with cpu-z.Is my ram defective?My mobo supports upto 1066 MHz of dram frequencies as per website.below are my specs-

AMD phenom 1090t
Biostar ta785ge 128M
Transcend 2gb jetram
cabinet stock power supply
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  1. CPU-Z must be showing you the baseline frequency which is half of the memory operating frequency.. This is the concept of DDR (Double Data Rate) memory modules.. Check in BIOS.. It should show the actual operating speed of your memory modules..
  2. ^+1 to all posts above..
    There is nothing wrong with your RAM or Board. Its all normal :)
  3. @OP: Nice dp :)
  4. Quote:
    400mhz x 2 (double data rate) = 800mhz.

    What's it with the avatar change.?
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