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Which GPU to get

Hi, I was wondering which gpu would be the best for my needs.
I have a 21inch screen, I use 1280/960 .. But could get a bigger screen in the future and would be happy not to have to buy a new gpu.
My config : asus p7p552, corei5, 750W Antec PSU, 4gb ddr3
my budget : 200$ CAD to 345$ (--- as a 2 year investment
Im mostly looking for high performance in game such as modernwarfare 2 and also game's that will come out in the future. ( I heard Dx11 was coming but is it in 1year, 2 year, sooner and will it be a drama if I use a card that support Dx10, I've also heard that that nowadays game were mainly using Dx10 ??

So if the D10 / D11 is no big deal, perhaps I could go with 4890

and could someone explain to me what are the important values to check when buying a gpu!?

Okay my secound though is that I don't wanna get "stuck" with a 250$ graphic card next year. So if the Dx11 thing is important. Perhaps I could go with a ati 5850 .

Or maby u suggest Nvidia ?!

Thanks a lot !!
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  1. For $350 you can get 5850, a card you won't regret buying even after 2 years or so
    However, if you can manage to add 450 MORE, you can buy 2 4890, which will perform better or on par with the NVIDIA's flagship GTX295($480)

    DirectX11 is not very important, so if you want most thing out of your money go for 4890 CrossFire.

  2. Sorry
    i was going to say
    if you manage to add ''$50'' more you can get 2 x 4890
  3. I would go with a 5850 for now over a 4890. Its a faster card and if in the future if you feel the need you can get a second 5850 in a year or so. The 5850 will be able to handle any game atm without problems.
  4. You'll probably be OK with a 4890 for a year or two. I don't see DX11 becoming mandatory before then, and it'll still be a pretty powerful card in the meantime.

    If you're nervous about compatibility, the 5850 is good for that price range. Either way you ought to be fine though.

    For the money, I don't think nvidia has much to offer at this particular point in time. They're 6 months behind on DX11 and whatever they do come out with is probably going to be pretty expensive initially.
  5. I'll say again
    go with 2 4890, if you wan't real performance.
    5850 is still an excellent choice
  6. DX11 cards use less system memory with Aero in Win7... hmmm... Bad Company 2?.. :p

    I plan on getting a 5870 with my taxes but I'm waiting to purchase when Bad Company 2 comes out. no point in a faster card now with my 4850 and it runs everything fine. $400 right now, but I bet $300-350 by the time March comes around. And ma'b some Tax season discounts.
  7. Okayy!! are the Crossfire 4890 that you're talking about come in pack of 2, for 400$ buck !?
    and when I see 4870 x2 in benchmarks, is it because ther's 2 card? or is it like a gt vs gt(x) in nvidia?

    Could I also start with one 4890 for 250$ and add another one later but in this case, it would be 250+ 250= 500 in stead of 400$ right ?!

    and what about the values in the gpu specs!!??

    Thank you so much btw ;)
    I'll kick ass for u guys in game !!
  8. You can find a single 4890 for $200
    Sure you can start with one and when you have the money you can add second in crossfire

    about 4870x2
    it is a dual gpu i.e. it has two 4870's in it

    these are core speeds of graphics card not values

    again, 4890 is best you can get

  9. and it is recommended buy at $200 by 'Tomshardware'
  10. No they dont come in a 2 pack. 2 4890's also use alot more power than 1 5850. 1 5850 is more than enough for current games. dont bother getting 2 of either yet.
  11. It's really your call,
    If you wan't powerful gaming for long time, go with 2 4890
    If you wanna save some money, go for 5850
    5850 is still a great card but for $50 more you get a thing which performs on par or better compared to GTX 295

  12. get a 5850
  13. Best answer
    If you want to save money go for 5850 @ $350 range
    If you want performance go for 5870 @ $400... I just saw 4 boxes at Fry's the other day($400 each).

    2x 4890 is what i have and its better than 5870. Its logical to go for 2x4890 if you already have 1 and would go to beef up performance at ~$200.

    Starting from none 5870 is a logical direction considering the following advantages:
    1) You run with a single card with close performance as 2x 4890
    2) Power saving is a lot better on 5870. A single 4890 consumes ~90W more at max load.
    3) In the future you still have provision for growth for crossfire(add another ATI card).

    Below is the benchmark for an OC 5870 vs crossfire 4890,2481.html

    Below is the benchmark for video card vs scaling cost(tomshardware),2521.html

    Do some reading and make your decision
  14. interesting answere ;) hard choice to make :P
  15. But I've got another question pointing out..
    Considering my corei5 processor, am I going to have a bottleneck.
    this benchmark is excellent :,2433-3.html
    They get real good performance with a 5850 or Crossfire Ati's card vs Nvidia's
    But they use a corei7 975..

    with my corei5 750, 2.66 Ghz (not too good at overclocking but I could give it a try. Still, it's not an i7..)

    Do I have to take in consideration my pcu or not !???
  16. Most likely, a single 5850 will be the bottleneck for an i5, but it will happen at such a high level that it won't matter at all - it's a "bottleneck" only in the most technical sense unless you're playing on a GIANT monitor.

    An i5 and a single 5850 are a pretty good match, and any worries about a "bottleneck" are just splitting hairs IMO. It will be a pretty kickass gaming machine.
  17. Honestly if your planning on using more than 1 video card you should really go with a i7 9xx series 1366 platform. The 1156 platforms do not scale well in crossfire/sli.

    If you ever get more than 1 video card in a 1156 system it drops from 16x to 8x/8x and if you go even further and add a 3rd it goes to 4x/4x/4x which is just horrible.

    Where as a 1366 system will give you true 16x/16x for crossfire/sli.

    But if you dont plan on using more than 1 video card then 1156 is perfectly fine.
  18. Heres something for you to read through about crossfire on 1156 systems.,2517.html
  19. okayy !! tnx for the advices!!
    I've got one more question about my screen :P I'll be a pro after that ahah

    I'm only using a 21inch Lg screen. The resolution I use on my desktop is 1280/960. my in game reso is similar.

    I've ask many ppl and they told me 5850 was a bit 2 much for that kind of resolution. Meaning that I'd pay for something I will not even use at it's full capacity..
    You guys agree !????!

    Thinking of that, isn't better to save a bit of money with the 4890 that apparently would be more appropriate for smaller resolution than the 5850..

    and the 250$ 4890 1GB 950mhz [...] POWERCOLOR
    is it more expensive because it is factory overclocked.. !?

    Is it preferable to buy a 200$ 4890 and overclock it myself ?!
  20. it'S already been posted.
    but the thing is most of benchmarks are made with big reso 1600/ 1200 and something like that.

    so it's hard for me to compare with 1280/960
  21. doesnt your 21 inch do 1600x1200 or 1680x1050
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