My HD 7770 throttling when not in use?

I have an issue.

My Sapphire 7770 with Vapor-X cooler is clocked at 1100 mhz, and 1300 mhz memory.

When not in use they clock down to 300 mhz and 150 mhz

Lately, I've been having issues with video. BSOD occasionally happens, and on netflix I just get a black screen. I tested something earlier today. I put a game on (Which made the clock jump to it's full clock) and let it run in the back ground, then watched a movie on netflix. The movie ran 30 minutes (Usually the screen goes black about 5 minutes in) and didn't have any issues. I closed the game, the clock went down, and then screen went black.

How do I stop the card from throttling like that? It appears to be the issue causing my videos to crash, unless you have another idea. (Yes, I have tried uninstalling, and re-installing silver light, trying it on other browsers, and updating the browsers that I use. As well as using the current drivers, and beta drivers. Nothing seems to work.)
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  1. what is the rest of your system specs?

    try downloading blue screen viewer ( and posting what it says on here
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