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not entirely sure if i should be asking this here or in the cpu sub forum, but ive been looking at the gpu charts and either its not on that list or i missed it, but ive been wondering if anyone were to place the integrated gpus that come with the new core i5/i3s on the chart, where would they fall into place?

main reason for the question is because i was planing to build a new pc, and wouldnt probably be able to get a decent gpu right away, and instead of going for a cheaper gfx card, that would perform just over the integrated ones, id just save up until i could get a 5770 or more preferably a 5850.

any thoughts?
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  1. probably a tier (maybe 2) above the GMA X4500, which would still put it 2-3 tiers lower than the HD3200 (see below)

    with a budget build like this you might be better off getting the athlon II X4 (~$100 quad) and a 785G AM3 board (HD4200 IGP) (~$85)
  2. yeah, i have considered the athlon 620, although there is a roughly $40 difference between the two, and that i can live with.

    and yes initially it will start of as a budget build, but it will eventually end up as 2 systems (hopefully, and thats another story altogether), was just wondering where it would stack up against the other offerings, thanks for clearing that bit up

    ps, i find it quite funny that in your profile "i'm done helping people with AGP and P4's" and thats exactly what im using xD
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