New Powersupply?

So I have been given a brand new Cooler Master Extreme Extreme Power Plus 500w and I need help deciding if I should put it in my computer.
I have read all the reviews and opinions on how bad these powersupplys can be....

That said, currently in my system I am running the powersupply that came with my case. It says 450w on it, and that's it. It has no brand or anything...!

Even though my current powersupply is doing me fine, I have a feeling the Cooler Master would be more stable seing i'm not running a beast of a pc. I would also like to start trying to overclock my gfx card hence the reason for possibly wanting to swap psu's.

My current specs are:
Phenom x4 840 at 3.0ghz (entry level phenom - no lvl 3 cache)
8 gb DDR3
GTX 560 1gb (non ti version, non factory overclocked version)

That's it. I don't even have a dvd drive installed.

Any opinions? Although the Cooler Master is apparently crap, it should handle my system fine with a small overclock on the gfx right?
Or am I better of keeping with the current powersupply. Although it is running fine I like to know whats in my PC....

Thanks in advance
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  1. some cooler master supplies are bad, your current PSU is fine so i would stick with ut, this CM supply seems to be one of the bad ones though, lots of complaints about short wires, buzzing, and causing random shut downs.
  2. You could try swapping the power supplies since you will be keeping the old one if the CM doesn't work out then put your old one back in. Who knows you may get lucky and get a problem free psu. It's worth a try.
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