Can a better video card improve tv streaming quality

I want to improve the quality of video streaming to substitute for cable. Would a better video card improve the quality of viewing internet TV?
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  1. It depends on what kind of video card you have currently....

    If we are talking about video card generation in the last 2 years... The answer is mostly not. Most video card in the last 2 years are very capable for video streaming.

    The network has a lot to say with respect to the quality of streaming video.

    List down the specs of your system and you'll get a more definitive response from this forum.
  2. I have an ATT DSL through a D-Link wired router. Compaq Presario SR5610F, AMD Athenon 2X 4800 chip, three GB RAM, 320 GB HD and a motherboard video card. It is attached to a Samsung SyncMaster 760V TFT monitor.
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    if your gpu is onboard yes get a card for it..
  4. Thanx
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  6. A video card can (not always) somewhat improve video quality.

    However, video quality ultimately depends on how well the video was encoded. If it was encoded with low bitrate and / or poor settings then the result will be "bad video". The only real way to improve the video is to re-encode the video with higher bitrate and better encoding settings.

    Other things that can affect the quality of the displayed video are:

    1. The quality of TV or LCD monitor. Basically the display panel itself where it's LCD or plasma.
    2. Quality of the connection. Meaning good quality cable and input and output ports.
    3. Video card to a limited degree.

    None of the above will improve the quality of a poorly encoded video.
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