Cl-fm801-s2c sound card drivers free download

i want to download the driver
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  1. 1) Are you sure that it is the driver? Does the device show any alerts in Device Manager?

    2) You can usually get sound drivers, if that is the issue, from the device manufacturer's site. If it's on-board sound or a notebook, go that way. If you have a sound card, go to that mfg's site. I went over to Creative, but did not see that model.

    Is there a more informative name for that card, like Soundblaster II or Audigy Pro (I made those up)? I'm not having much luck finding it online. I get lots of driver download sites when I google that model, but I don't trust said sites.

    Chat with you soon when you provide more information, and welcome to Tom's.
  2. yes
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