X-58 vs AMD 890gx with crucial C300

To all,

I recently purchased the new AMD gigabyte 890gx chipset with native sata 6gbs and a phenom 965 @ 3.8ghz,
3 weeks later i put an RMA on that but still have it. I then ordered the gigabyte x-58
with 2 sata 6gbs ports, marvell controlled, with a core I7 930 @ 3.4ghz . I have a crucial C300 256gb ssd and 2 vertex 120's
and am planning on getting either 1 gtx 480 or 2 gtx 470's- (with amd chipset no SLI)
Which chipset and cpu would you guys return?
All my other hardware is a non-issue
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  1. What resolution is your monitor? If you have a 30" 25x16 resolution then the Phenom II will be fine. If you run anything lower you'll be bottlenecking the cards, and i7 would be the logical choice.

    If you will use just a single GTX 480 the AMD setup would be fine there as well (assuming it is less expensive, due to the i7 being simply the stronger CPU).

    Do you need 6 sata6Gb/s slots?

    Which gigabyte motherboard is that?
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