Nvlddmkm.sys error bsod

i am getting this bsod nvlddmkm.sys error now everytime i startup my system, i recently even tried to reload my os but i was prevented by this same error again and again, now i completely have no system now.
how would i even begin to get that driver out of my system, safe mode wont even successfully start up now either.

i am stuck big time!
this bsod really suxx!
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  1. unplug the system. thats what i always do when i encounter that same specific nvlddmkm error.
  2. u mean to reset all of the plugs in the box? i can take the battery out for a few minutes or pull the plug on the mobo too.

    how can i just reset it so i can reformat the system and reload my vista 64 home premium?

    i want to completely start over again, all the hardware on my system is in good shape.
  3. Can you get to safe mode? If so rollback your realtek lan driver.
  4. hold up. i didnt mean to take the battery out of the motherboard. i mean to unplug your system from the wall outlet.

    i started to get that nvld error when i started using an hdmi cable. do you use an hdmi cable for display?
  5. well nv is for Nvidia.try to reinstall your gpu's drivers
  6. guys wow i am sooo slow to reply , i have had major probs with this system, i have tried everything suggested, now im faced with this,

    it seems that somehow a type of corruption has occured in some of the chips of the hardware, i have been able to reformat many times since and before i am able to get anything installed there is very strange graphics manipulation now, it seems there are probs that are embedded at the layer that is deeper than the OS.

    one of my friends mentioned somthing bout virus that are able to get into ur chips and reprogram them and scramble them. and that seems like what has happend now. i have gone thru 2 more video cards now with the same kind of chip corruption goin on, somehow its transferring thruout my chips in my hardware, dvd burner corruption too.
    i vaguely remember some corruption first started back in 08 when i first loaded some free mmorpg's online, such as wow, eq, bountybay,florensia.

    is that kind of chip corruption possible, is my friend correct? he said that he as the tools needed to get into the deep layers of hardware chips to fix them, so what are those tools, does anyone have any idea? id like to know how to do that kind of stuff.
    im still trying to work with the same system and now its running vista 64hp, but after its on for extended periods (over 4 hours) then the corruption begins after i start to move my mouse. thats all thats happening lately. k thnx for all ur help

  7. Could be the memory gone faulty. I had the same display driver / bsod error when my memory modules went faulty. They're basically corrupting the temproary driver file held on the modules. Could be a possibility by any means.
  8. thnx gyz for ur help and suggestions sofar, i hve done everything cept moving the ram out.

    i dont know if i posted the specs on this pc yet but its a amd dual core a6109n +3800-processors.hp.
    it has 4 gigs of ram now but i will remove the 2nd set and just go with the 2 gigs that it came with. ill post later and let u k now.

  9. Catastrophic hardware failure of the gpu will cause its corresponding driver to error. I had bsod errors with nvidia nvlddmkm.sys or similar. In a system that never blue screened. After two restarts and that happening, I pulled card to check fan, clean dust.
    3 capacitors on the card had ruptured.
    Pull card and give it a visual inspection.
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