Help with OCing my 3570k on Extreme4

Hi All,

This is the 1st time I am trying to OC my system :bounce:. Below is my Config ......

Asrock Extreme4
hyper 212 evo (single fan)
2 x 4GB RAM CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9
Corsair GS600 watt

The AXTU utility shows the below, at Stock config :ange: .


CPU Speed 1600.00MHz BCLK/PCIE Frequency 100.00MHz
CPU Ratio x16.0 GT Frequency 350MHz

Fan & Temperature

CPU Temperature 36C / 98F M/B Temperature 33C/91F
CPU Fan1 Speed 1904 RPM


Vcore Voltage 0.992 V +3.3V Voltage 3.328 V
+5.0V Voltage 5.088 V +12V Voltage 12.091 V
DRAM Voltage 1.500 V PCH Voltage 1.059 V
VTT Voltage 1.076 V CPU PLL Voltage 1.832 V
VCCSA Voltage 0.925 V IGPU Voltage Offset +0 V

would love to know the highest reasonable OC. Please keep me updated! :hello:
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  1. Each OC would be different depending on the chip. TBH i think 4ghz would be stable without having to raise the voltage. Try just raising the multiplier.
  2. Overclocking is a long tedious process and can take some time to get it to where you want it to be. In the end though the result will be worth the wait to get a hugh stable overclock. Once you get past the stage of just raising the multiplier the higher speeds will take some time consuming steps of adjusting voltages and testing to make sure that each step is stable , it's not something that you can rush.
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