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Green dots on desktop and game freezes.

Ok my vendor just gave me a 9800gtx+....My pc has the config of
intel q6600 2.4ghz processor
4gb crossair dominator in dual channel
600W coolermaster extreme with dual 12v rail support
asus p5q pro motherboard.
Now i have windows 7 64 bit and whenever i open my computer i get green dots on certain parts of my desektop. On playing games such as crysis or crysis warhead the game freezes with th dots comming up in the whole screen and the game freezes. on testing the graphic card elsewhere i found that the card has no problem. There is no heating issue with both th CPU and GPU. thinking that my card is underpowered i lowered all settings in crysis but problem persists. Sometimes i also get green lines on the boot screen as well. iS there something wrong with my registry or is my motherboard causing the problem.
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  1. Mine was doing the same thing and I checked the plug going into my card and it was loose
  2. I reconnected the 6 pins but the problem still persists. Is my 6 pin connectors of the smps are partially damaged. please help. I also tried swapping pci slotas but no help. I changed my ram with new rams bot no help. Is my smps faultry.
  3. My card is fine and the 6 pins are ok . If atall its a psu problem then will it work if i change the psu with a new tagan 11oo w. Is my motherboard affected.Please help
  4. dude how do i know if i have any damaged pin in the 6 pin adapters or is my monitor cable or dvi-i cable causing problem. will it help if i change te psu completely. Just wanna make sure it is no motherboard problem. the dots sometimes gets spread like human allergy u know and sometimes they almost disappear. My cpu, card ram mb is ok so whats the problem. plz help
  5. It sounds like bad memory on the video card. Can you call the vendor and say "give me a new one?"

    THis stuff usually happens when you overclock a video card and you have the memory clock to high. Normally you just lower it a bit and you are fine. However, it this is on factory settings that may be the issue. If you can, you can try to lower the memory clock yourself and see if that helps. If it does, you know what the issue is.
  6. my card shows 740 mhz clock speed instead of 738 MHZ as stated in the nvidia website. Also games like dead space and fifa runs fine. the problem is with games like crysis and batman arkham assyum. the vendors replaced my old card and gave his new one xfx 9800gtx+ (ver3.2). is my 6 pins from the smps causing thproblems because of insufficient power supply cause i tested a 9400gt and my pc is fine but the later card does not use the 6 pin connectors. plz help
  7. ^ Some games don't hit a video card as hard as others. Batman is HEAVY with Physics and Crysis is a GPU killer. So right there I would expect these two games to generate artifacts if any game would.
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    Download RivaTuner or a similar program and try to lower the RAM clock. If your problems go away, then the card's RAM can't handle whatever speeds they're at (stock, I'd assume), and you should RMA the card stat.
  9. what do you mean by rma the card. i m a little inexperienced so plz help
  10. RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization. In a nutshell, send the card back for a new one.
  11. are you sure that my smps is not causing any problem cause my pc just works fine with a 9400gt but it does not use the 6 pin connectors. could this be the problems with my motherboard. also when i perform normal tasks like sufring the net listening to music etc. sometimes the entire display goes off leaving my monitor blank. Could this be a simple problem of faulty mobitor cable......need help plz...will try the card for rma and before that will test the card in one more pc.
  12. Try to lower your clocks to 738 Mhz using Rivatuner or any similar software.If problem is still there GPU should have a manufacturing defect and you should replace your card.
  13. U guys are sure its not a psu problem. cause my pc works fine with 9400gt which does not use the 6 pin connectors. then i m gonna change the card and see if that works.
  14. my card is faultry and i am gonna get it replaced i checked it on another computer and the same problem is hapenning. thank god my psu is fine. I will RMA the card as soon as possible.thnks 4 all ur help.
  15. No worries. Glad to hear you figured it out.
  16. guys 4 more such criticalproblems and some common problems with cpu and gpu see its really helpful and a easy guide for all your solutions.
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