Dual Non-SLI Help!

Motherboard: ASUS M4A78-E. I just bought this, with the eVGA GF 260 GTX and eVGA GF 9500 GT.

How do I get these two cards to operate without SLI as I utilize 4 monitors? Thanks!

CPU is Phenom II 940 X4.
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  1. What OS?
  2. I haven't used XP in quite some time, but I'm sure it won't be too far different than win 7 was.

    1st, make sure to plug in the monitors to which ever card you want to drive each.

    If you can find XP display page by right clicking the desktop and clicking display properties or screen resolution, you'll see an option to detect monitors. Click it and apply, then arange the monitors in the proper order.
  3. I only get one video card operating at a time. In the Primary slot, whoever is there, is the video card activated.

    I want both video cards to work, allowing me to utilize all four monitors. I can only get one video card to function at a time.
  4. I don't think you vcan have 2 different cards working at the same time.
  5. Why not, ATI lets you.. :(
  6. You can in XP and Win7, but not in Vista.
  7. What steps are needed to accomplish Quad on XP?
  8. If you have the Nvidia control panel installed you can make use of both. You need to open the display properties and "Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor. you can also in NCP use advanced mode make sure all montiors are plugged in and run display optimization wizard along with set up multiple displays. you should have all 4 hooked up to your pc using 2 GPU's. I hope this helps you.
  9. Make sure that the slot is OK by trying one video card in the second slot. After all, every now and then you may get a defective board. That card should then operate with 8x lanes since it's a 790GX board. If a card does not work in the second slot, then you probably got a defective board.
  10. So take out the 260GTX and leave the 9500GT and see what happens? If nothing, that slot is defective? Brb.
  11. I can confirm that the 9500GT in the brown slot is functional. Just trying to get the card to work in dual mode. Now that both slots do work, how can I get them to quad function?
  12. They should just both install their own drivers, they aren't meant to work together, except to extend your desktop.
  13. My device manager only ever shows which ever video card is primary slot, which is the 260.
  14. Anything need to be flashed? I have the latest driver from NVIDIA which both cards show me when I attempt to download from the site. How do I run individual drivers for that? :S
  15. I'm unsure. I know it can be done. The Batman review that was done a month or 2 back did this. They setup some dedicated PhysX cards, which ran on their own.

    I do it with a mix of an ATI card and Nvidia card, but I do not know how to do it on your setup, only that I know it will work.
  16. But where do I find a PhysX card. Hmm. Do I need to read each card spec to find which is a PhysX card?
  17. Both cards are PhysX ready.
  18. I do not want the cards to offload power to the second GPU. I want both cards working with four monitors on.
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