MSI 890gxm-g65 worked 2 weeks now ?hardware error

I have a msi 890gxm-g65, Phenom II x6 that I put together 2 weeks ago. Now, whenever I boot, I get through the Post (can even enter BIOS), but right after the Post/Bios, the computer sends through its speaker continuously repeating short beeps (no pauses).
This may indicate a hardware failure but why is this occuring AFTER Bios?

I'm going to try stripping down components to locate exact source, CPU temp in Bios is ok, maybe a RAM, video card or Mobo issue?
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  1. if it gets past the bios then its most likely the hdd
  2. I found the problem, Windows config/startup had corrupted, I found out my comp was NOT frozen, just stuck and allowed me to press the Function keys to bootup with last known working configuration. Weird, because it kept making the beeping sounds though through the speaker.
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