Seems like a huge driver problem... do i need to reinstall my OS? =(

Ok so i've asked around here for help with an Nvidia driver problem i've been having, and I never got any responses :pfff: ....
The problem is that even when i completely wipe my drivers (in safe mode with driver sweeper), and reinstall newer ones (i tried many drivers, so it has to be the way i uninstall) my system is always unstable. I even disabled the windows vista auto installer (that comes up immediately after booting) since i thought it might be the problem (since it installs drivers right after i cleaned them and before i had a chance to cleanly reinstall) by doing this:
Open gpedit.msc
go to Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates, then System, then Device Installation, then Device Installation Restrictions, and finally I enabled "Prevent installation of devices not described by any other policy settings"

When i went back and tried the cleaning and installing all over again, it didn't work. So i undid that, and decided to just let Windows install the default drivers. When i gave up and just tried to install the newest drivers without doing any cleaning, it worked.... for a little bit. I was able to enable Windows Aero (yes, even that made it crash) and play a game. However when i restarted, im back to square one.

Also its worth noting this has happened with both the crappy 7500 LE im using now and my GTX 295. So do i have to completely uninstall my os?? :??:
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  1. Bump... am i the only one whose ever had a driver problem or something... -_-
  2. If it were me, i would save whatever files i needed and then do a fresh install, i usually do this about once every 9 months to keep things ship shape, if you're using driver sweeper & safe mode, not much else you can do...
  3. Ugh i had a feeling it would come to that... Thanks anyways though
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