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Good Morning All,
I desperately need help with recovering data from my RAID 1
I had 2 hard drives mirrored. But after multiple installation of windows on different drives, mirror had boot record and my operating systems didn't function how i wanted. So I decided i will remove all hard drives and start with one, install Windows, add another HD, install Linux. now i added both mirrored drives to raid 1, which bios recognized but windows show unformatted partition. i tried swapping ports but same thing happened.
Please help, there is important data on it. Family photos which I have no other copy of. The whole point of having raid 1 was so i don't lose data and this *** happens.
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  1. Can you access the data if a single drive is installed? In a RAID 1 configuration, both drives should contain identical info. Since the RAID is already broken, you lose nothing trying to recover a single drive. Unfortunately RAID 1 is not a backup solution; the system can be damaged, stolen, data deleted by mistake, etc.
  2. Thank you for your reply
    By the way, it's Nvidia 780i SLI
    I have installed a hard drive into a different port, and it just shows me unformatted disk.
    I tried to recall what I did step by step and I think I know where I messed up. I hit clear MBR in Raid setup utility when I broke the Array.
    Now I realize I'm a moron, but I should be able to recover that, correct? What is the best software in your opinion to recover portion table?
    In a Google search I seen people recommending booting to windows recovery and attempt to use the recovery console there but I don't think it will help, I don't want to try anything without further advice and considerations

    Thank you in advance
  3. I resolved an issue. connected both drives. Set up raid 1 again and ran EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition. It worked for me. It spent 15-30m scanning or recovering.
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