The GTX 275 a minority?

Besides the fact that everyone's buzzing about ATI's 5xxx cards, whenever I hear someone talk about a high-end NVIDIA card they may be getting, it's always a GTX 260 216 or a GTX 285, and then they're always clueless when they want something in between.

Was the GTX 275 really that rare and unknown of a card?

I've only seen a couple topics here or the New System Build topic that involve GTX 275s. (In the last couple months, nearly)
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  1. The GTX 275 wasn't out very long before the 5000 series came and stole its thunder. It launched mid-April and I believe everyone was already getting excited about the 5000 series by that point. If I had to pick an Nvidia card, that'd be on my short list.
  2. It had a peculiar, almost non-significance to it. The price point was wrong, performance was too close to some of their own less expensive offerings. Not a bad card by any stretch but just a badly timed/placed product.
  3. You can OC a GTX260 to meet or surpass the speed of a GTX 275, so for the price that the GTX275 is at, i think it is wrong as well. They should really knock it down to the 4890 price.
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