Computer randomly freezing CPU issue?

Hello everyone, finally posting my problem that I've been having for about a year. First off here are my specs
MSI rd-480 neo 2 socket 939 motherboard
2 gig of ram
2x ATI 1600 512mb pci-express
AMD Opteron 185 denmark dual core
Windows 7 and XP

Ok my problem is that my computer will randomly freeze while playing video games, or surfing the web. I have found that it helps to fix the problem 80% of the time if I go into the process and set Firefox, or the game I'm playing to use one core. For a long time i thought the issue was with a driver, so I always kept all my driver's up to date.

Let me describe how it freeze's. It just just freeze's. It doesn't reboot or anything, it will just freeze the mouse and keyboard. Any sound that was playing will just stay frozen on a stuttering loop. I thought for a while that it might have been the sound card issue, realtek i guess isn't the best quality of onboard sound devices. It will stay like this forever unless i reboot the computer. No error's are logged or anything. Which make's diagnosing the issue impossible.

Thinking it might be the cpu, i recently swapped the cpu with a single core athlon 3700. Ran it for a few week's with no freezing issues. It would slightly freeze every now and then, but if I pressed enter or clicked it would unfreeze. Which lead's me to think it is most likely a dual core issue. Does anyone know a remedy for this?
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  1. what power supply do you have?
  2. ah, my bad. It's a Rosewill 950W. I replaced my 450W one a few month's back thinking a high wattage one with more stable voltage's would solve the problem, but no.
  3. What exact RAM do you have? Freezing problems are most commonly caused by RAM that's either faulty or not getting enough voltage under "auto" settings.
  4. hmm not quite sure what brand of memory i have. got it from one of those memory places where they match it up to your motherboard. Not sure what the timings are. Is there a utility i could use to fine tune them? I have all the options in the bios to adjust the memory
  5. CPU-Z will tell you what the timings are supposed to be. You could then manually set those values in the BIOS. You should also do an overnight run of Memtest86+ once you get the RAM values set correctly.
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