Corsair FORCE 120GB SSD freezing with AHCI mode

So, I had a M4A89GTD PRO USB3 board using this SSD, it was working AHCI since the installation, everything was working fine until i was having some BSOD's after boot, yesterday the board died, I wouldnt go past "CHECKING NVRAM..." It would simply lock there. I decided the problem was the mobo and purchased a M4A88T-V EVO USB3, seems like to be the same board, however, when I installed win 7 on my SSD, (I left AHCI enabled on BIOS), after the boot, the system would be freeze for like 30 secs then unfreeze for 5 seconds and freeze again, making it unusable. Still i managed to copy all my files out of my SSD to an HDD i had but I would copy a few megs, then freeze, then would copy a few more megs and freeze, and so on. A curious fact is that I would install win 7 perfectly, it copies the files w/o any problems, but this freezing stuff would happen as soon as 1st boot. I changed back from AHCI to IDE mode on all sata ports, it works perfectly now, but i'd like to use on AHCI as I were using before. mobo BIOS is the latest....
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  1. Sounds like one of the drives that needs a firmware update. My Corsair Force 3 60gig SSD would freeze for a period of 2-3 minutes occasionally and I was at my wits end with it until I did a firmware update. It has worked flawlessly since for about 4 months now.
  2. using that latest firmware for it, 2.4, wich i update while using the old mobo m4a89, i wonder if theres anything to do with it..
  3. I would not think so, have you checked to see if there is any updated drivers for the motherboard?
  4. nothing that refers to SSD's, BIOS is really up to date
  5. SATA drivers is what I am referring to.
  6. I serached asus website for more info, found some AHCI/RAID/SATA on utilities, probably for using them while installing windows version such as xp, wheres they are needed for AHCI, but i have no clue how can i use them for Win 7 or how to change native win 7 AHCI drivers..
  7. Its the known AHCI prob when not installing windows and have it enabled. You can google around the registry tweak so upon restarting, enter bios, reenable AHCI mode on all sata and staa controllers too. Windows will auto install them on start up
  8. Hi,

    actually nope, when i was installing win 7 AHCI was enabled on bios, but after the files were copied and the system reboots and asks for a name for the computer, is then when the freezing problem starts.

    None the less, seems like i found an workaround this, i let the system boot up even with the freezing problem, took me like 10 minutes to open my devices manages, then i went to the "storage controller" and found some sort of default windows AHCI controller driver 1.0, then I 'slowly and painfully' went trough the update drivers window and changed it to the AMD AHCI Drivers controller that ive downloaded from asus website, wereas i couldnt load these drivers upon win7 installation (whenever I loaded these drivers from an removable device, I couldnt install win 7 in any partition/hdd/sdd disk installed, even though they were all listed. I would simply returnt the error 0x80300001). So after somehow installing AMD AHCI drivers everything seems to be ok. For instance either my mobo or my SSD doesn't work well with native win 7 AHCI driver... or so I believe..
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