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i dont know if im posting this in the correct forum, im almost certain im not but here i go anyway. so im planning on purchasing a powercolor 5870 from so ive added to my cart and underneat is a "protect your investment tab" so i expand it and it says that i can purchase a 1yr extended for $35.99 or a 2yr extended for $59.99 it also states that this product will be replaced and shipped to you at no charge. the warranty is from "service net". so my question is that has anyone ever purchased this type of warranty and if so is it a good investment and what was any personal experience with an extended warranty like this.
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    Dont worry you dont need the extended warranty. With the extra money your spending you could just buy a xfx edition and get lifetime warranty.
  2. ^ +1 on the XFX.

    PS: It's a double lifetime warranty, meaning if you sell, the buyer gets warranty too. That imo, makes the card easier to sell down the road when you upgrade.
  3. cool thanx
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