Corsair H100, NZXT Phantom Best Fan Set Up?

So I'm getting the corsair H100 which is going in my NZXT Phantom. Roof mounting this thing with the brackets provided underneath the 2 x 200mm.

I can't decide on what the best set up for the air flow should be. Obviously heat rises, and this is where the issue occurs since the radiator is mounted in the top all the hot air from the rest of the case is presumably going to be passing it.

Anyway I've mocked it up in some images below for the possible options. But need some help as I'm not super experienced with this!.

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  1. my case is slightly different, but I've found having the top, and rear exhaust, and the front/bottom intake has brought me the best temps
  2. So regardless of the heat flowing up its still best.
    Thanks for the reply.
  3. Recommended air flow for NZXT Phantom...

  4. ^ i disagree, i think the bottom should be an intake, and the back an exhaust
  5. I am quite confident plasma-visuals will find the recommended airflow for NZXT Phantom very useful :)
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