Can i get anything back if i somehow deleted a partition on my laptop

I am at my whits end and before I pay someone to rebuild my PC so I can use it, I would just like to know if there is anyway to salvage my files because I do not want to lose them and I do not have any kind of back up.

Here is what I can figure out. I have Windows 7. I am not a computer guru by all means, I wasn't doing anything technical. I set my PC down on my table a littler harder than usual and when I went to turn it on, it was a black screen. It says 'No boot sector on hard drive' and tells me to push F1 or F2, etc. Before I get to this screen, when the Dell logo is just up, I am able to hit F12 to get into boot options. I have since ran diagnostics and here are the edits that I have gotten:

'Error code 0146.
Msg: error code 2000-0146
Msg: hard drive 0-self test log contains previous error (s)
The given error code and message can be used by dell technical support to help diagnose the problem.
Do you want to continue testing?'

I of course chose Yes and finished the diagnostic run. When finished, this is the information I get:

'Pre-boot system assessment complete. No diagnostic utility partition identified. Please select ok to reboot your system'

Before all this was done, I had done other things through the System Recovery option and command prompt like Bootrec.exe/fixmbr, fixboot, scanos, rebuildbcd, chkdsk and none of them went through. I would get an error after they ran that said this:
'A device attached to this system is not functioning'

I know my hard drive seems screwed, I know my partition is not showing up, I know my computer ca not identified Windows 7 on my PC so at this point, I just need to know if there is any chance of saving all my music, pictures, school work, documents or if this is just a waste of time? You have read forums that say to use demos of partition saving software but I can my laptop doesnt go any farther than the black screen that tells me 'no boot sector' unless I go through the F12 option on Dell logo screen.

I have been reading online forums for 72 hours, literally and most discussions are people that know something or a bit more about internal language of a computer. I just want my stuff back, I dont mind wiping the PC clean and starting over but not before I have exhausted every last option.

Here's hoping!
Jaime Hardy
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  1. Sounds like you drive is dead/dieing.

    If you have another computer(desktop would be nice), you can remove the drive from the laptop and see if the other computer can see the drive and it partitions.

    Some software like Recuva( There is a small pile of FREE recovery programs out.

    The important part. NEVER recover(or write ANY data) to the same drive. recover to the second computers drive.

    With any luck, you will see your drive on the second computer and can just take ownership of and copy files over.

    When you feel you have done everything you can do, you can get and run the drive makers diagnostics to see if the drive is damaged
  2. hey everyone, I appreciate all the replies and help offered. Unfortunately, my hard drive was undetectable and gone. I ended up having to replace the hard drive, nothing was recoverable.....sad. I am guessing I had a virus and didnt know it because nothing I could have done could have deleted my entire hard drive/partition/etc. but I really do appreciate everyone's feedback, as I did try a lot of the suggestions.
    Hope anyone else with this problem has better luck!
  3. If it was undetectable, chances are it had simply failed. This is more bad luck then any kind of virus.
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