Buying a new PSU - HELP!!!

I have a Packard bell ixtreme x5620 and I am thinking of chnaging the PSU.
This is what it looks like inside from an online pic, so do you think it is easy removing the PSU.
Do you just slide it or something to get it out of the case once you have unscrewed the screws in the back of the case (Because how would a PSU be hald by 4screws it must be attached to the case or something). :)
Here is inside the case:

If it does slide out do you think my new PSU(an AKASA 500w) will just slide in, or how else do you secure it into the case)

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  1. There are four screws on the rear panel that secure the power supply. That's about it other than unplugging the power cables. Very easy to do.
  2. I recommend you lay your case on its side. That's a bad place for an "oops" ,moment.
  3. yes jsc i had one of those once...i failed to notice the psu had no little tab under it to hold it like most cases do, so when i took the screws out it fell, broke 2 cpacitors off, and broke off the cooler retention mechansim(socket a/462)
  4. Thank you everbody!!!
    Now I feel alot more confident in changing the PSU.
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