Should I get new ram?

I currently have really slow 1066 mhz ram from when ddr3 first came out and was thinking of upgrading. I have an i5 760 stock clocks and my mobo can take up to 2000 mhz ram so I was just wondering what someone with more experience would recommend. I am willing to spend $200 and I mainly play games and use photoshop CS5.
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  1. Try some overclocking. Your ram will probably run at 1333. My board has low, medium, and high ram settings. If you bump up the cpu fsb, the ram goes up by the same percentage. If it crashes, I set the lower ram speed manually, so it evens out.
  2. Alright I'll try that out then but I'd still like some advice on my question
  3. I would sell your old ram first. I use craigslist or one of the large for sale hardware forums, especially anandtech. If you sell it, then look for some 1600 ram for around $85-90 after rebate for 2x2 gb kits. It's not worth a premium for 2000 or higher speed.
  4. Alright I was originally gonna do that but then I saw the 2000 mhz and thought that was cool maybe I should get that instead. I'm going to do a ram upgrade after I get an ssd so it won't be for a little while til I get some new ram hope prices drop XD I know they won't though
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