PC bottlenecked by graphic card


I think my PC is bottlenecked by my graphic card. My specs are:

Win7 64 bit Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67 GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 230

Which graphic card should I get? Thanks in advance!
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  1. how big is your budget?
  2. Um yeah.

    You haven't mentioned your budget, your power supply, or your monitors resolution so nobody could possibly make any recommendation.
  3. I play at 1280x1024, but I may upgrade my monitor anytime soon.

    I'm not sure how many watts does my power supply have. I opened the pc chase and check it but only found a sticker with the code: 20042075. If it helps my pc is a Medion pc7233.

    I'm unsure about how much money should I spend, to be honest. I want something nice than doesn't get old too fast.

    Any Ideas? Thank you in advance, and sorry for my poor english: not a native speaker!
  4. could you take a picture of the sticker on the side? i cant find anything on the PSU
  5. ok, well you have a few PCI-E connectors so im guessing it's a reasonable ammount... though it's not really possible to be sure about that :P

    i cannot guarantee it will work because it dosen't list how much power you have, but based on the ammount of connections i would reccomend a GTX 660/660TI
  6. It seems like it's a 600W PSU according to Medion: http://www.medion.com/at/service/start/_product.php?msn=20042075&gid=
  7. at that low resolution i would stick with a 7770 or a 550ti
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