CPU fan problem

Hello guys,
So the problem is:
I've bought an air cooler for my AMD Phenom X4 955 BE which is Mugen 2 rev.b something like that, which comes with a quite fan that reaches almost 1500 rpms...

I bought it like 2 years ago and everything was fine.

All of a sudden, without any reason it stops spinning at all... 0 rpm's, But the silly thing is, I disconnect it, or disconnect stuff from the back... Screen, USB's, Internet, Power, etc... and when I just turn the computer (with only the power cable) it spins for a second and stops... then I disconnect, and connect back and after a few tries it just spins without problem, I plug in everything back so I can use the computer and everything is fine, I start using the computer I check every now and then and after an hour or so... again it stops spinning and luckily my CPU doesn't gets above 70 degrees (Celsius) but it is still to damn hot for an AMD...
Usually with the fan on max it stays around 50 under load more or less which is totally normal (25 room temp with AC)

In conclusion,
My fan stops spinning for no reason I haven't change anything, software or hardware... no configurations... nothing at all.

This problem appeared just today, I don't think it's my PSU because the computer works just fine with or without the fan...

Any suggestions before I blindly buy a new fan?

Thanks in advance :D :hello:
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  1. The most inexpensive option right now is to blindly by a new fan , you can get a good one for under $10 and a better one for under $20. You have had the fan for two years and while things don't last forever , that's a resasonable amount of time for a fan to last.
  2. ^+1. Fans don't last forever. Two years is a good run for a sleeve-bearing fan.
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    Well... I connected it to another computer and it stopped as well... It's definitely the fan :D
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