8800 gt trouble after swaping motherboard

ok just swapped out my asus m2n32 sli delux motherboard for a m4n84 deluxe.

i had recently gone from and 6400 2x be cpu to a phenom 2 4x 966 be, which by the way does run on the m2n board just a pain in the beanbag to get running with some tweaks and a bois update.

but i decided things will run smoother with m4n84 mobo. NOT ! ! !

current specs

thermaltake toughpower750 watt PWS
asus m2n84 delux MoBo
amd phenom II x4 BE 3.2
seagate baracuda HD SATA
asus 8800 gt running in sli
2Gb corsair xms running 4 4 4 12

once i swapped out the board os an everything migrated smoothly. problem is video is at default resolution. tryed to change resolution and windows asked if i wanted to keep settings but nothing changed.
tryed switching from nvidia control pannel and it won't change. reinstalled video cards same result. tryed to uninstall cards and reinstall one card same result. i flipped them around and nothing. NOW when i try to start the machine i get to where i see windows logo but when os goes to boot i get a white square on the screen small white spuare right in the center with green sprinkles around it. pulled the cards installed them.checked bios for all posible pcie settings still nothing.

if anyone has any idea on what i can try next please feel free to post it.
i'm haveing game withdraws please help
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  1. the only way that i was thinking is re-install windows...
  2. made a slight breakthrough in finding a solution found the core of the issue.i grabbed an old HD and formatted it everything is working great. so yeah windows reinstall fixes the issue.now i wasted to get to the core of knowing how to fix this and what i found is windows on the original install does not want to recognize my monitor.it just lists it as a plug and play device. given that i'm going to experiment by useing a different monitor and see if that fixes the issue i'll report my findings here never know it might be of help to someone else. i'm sure 'm not the only one out here that swaps mobo and cpu every so often. hope this goes well
  3. I agree with wa1, you should always reinstall your OS after switching your motherboard. Although I admit that I have gotten away without on some intel 775 socket boards in the past, dono if its easier to get away with on intel over amd boards though.
  4. i've gone from my first asus MoBo w/amd 1000Gh to a7v600-x Mobo with athon xp to m2n32 sli deluxe w/amd 6400 x2 to m2n84 delux w/phenom 4x 955 i guess i was due to get burned oh well the OS is running well minus the resolution issue i'll back up and reformat

    by the way asus m2n32 sli deluxe board does run the phenom II x4 955
    just have to set multipliers to 16x 200Mhz jus incase anyone is thinking of upgraadeing their chip on old board just need bios 2208
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