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Windows 7 Dual Monitor Taskbar

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone know of a dual monitor program that will allow you to have a taskbar on each monitor AND be able to pin programs to it like the native windows taskbar does?

I have used both Ultramon and Display Fusion and neither will allow you to pin programs to their taskbars.

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  1. i used to be able to do that with my nivida card in my laptop, then i build a PC and the nvidia software didn't include that feature. try going on your video card's website and see if they got any add on drivers or programs.
  2. Do you mean 2 separate windows task bars? Or a taskbar that spans both displays? , not clear in my head, maybe that is just me *sips coffee*.
  3. Either way, Preferably one taskbar across two monitors (eventually 3). Also I am running Windows 7. I love the ability to "Pin" programs to the taskbar and would like to be able to do the same for the taskbars on other monitors.

    Also, I cant believe MS didnt include that feature out of the box.
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    You can set diaplays up to be in groups I believe, not sure how it is done in windows as I have always done this through the ATI or Nvidia drivers. An extended desktop is just free space, if you group monitors at the same resolution it will make one LARGE desktop and the taskbar will span across all of them.

    That little one is exactly what you are looking for XD

    ENJOY ;P
  6. Actual Multiple Monitors will solve all your problems. It support Pin, Jump lists, Aero ... , and etc on all secondary taskbars. Moreover, It grant you start button, show desktop button, notification area on secondary taskbars..
    Read this article
  7. Thanks :bounce:

    It's the only salvation for me and my Windows 7 Ultimate x64!! :pt1cable:
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