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Hi, new to forum. I'm using a HDMI cable from packard bell pc to LG TV. and also have an optical cable from tv to yamaha amp. If I'm viewing satelite TV( Sky box), there is no prob outputting audio to the amp. But if I'm viewing video from the pc i can't get any audio, either through tv speakers or thru the amp. I presume then that the hdmi cable is only carrying video from pc to tv? Would this be correct?
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  1. A lot of TV's don't allow HDMI audio passthrough to an optical output. I don't know why, but that's how it goes with some of them.

    What are your system specs? Some older nVidia cards required you to connect the interl S/PDIF connector from the sound card to the GPU to output over HDMI, as they couldn't do it over the PCI-e bus.
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