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Hi folks,
Long time reader, first post.
I've recently acquired a new power supply, the thermatake TR2 RX 650W and was quite horrified to read some reviews online afterwards about its bigger brother, the 750W version.
One of the reviews (from legitreviews, if i remember correctly) had come to the conclusion that the 750W TR2 RX could not handle more than roughly 550W or so and anything above will fry it (which they did, twice). Kinda depressing for me since mine's not even the 750W one.
My current rig is a i7 920 stock which I plan to keep it stock.
6g, x25-m 160g and 1 2tb WD hdd.
Now the thing is I have a gtx 480 on order and I'm more and more worried at the thought of the 600W 42A requirement, even though on paper my current supply meets all requirements (the tr2 rx is rated for 650W with a 44amps 12V rail).
Worth noting is I don't plan on going sli or cramming much more into this rig ever... This upgrade is its last.

My question is simple:
Am I thoroughly boned?
Does anyone have any experience with this PSU model and, long shot, can disprove my bad feeling about this?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. UMM you better get a better power supply that fermi will most likely blow that thing up The 480 requires a scary amount of power so I would be very weary of hooking that up to that power supply.

    I just read the review on for the 750watt version and they could barely get it to 60% load without it blowing up and they tested several different ones to rule out just being a defective power supply so I would definitely be scared to use that 600 watt version with that 480.
  2. Thanks for the advice.
    So I guess I'm pretty much boned, eh?
    Frankly, I'd rather grab another one than risk possibly damaging anything in my system.

    Any recommendations apart from corsair models?
    Unfortunately, those won't power my motherboard due to atx incompatibility (afaik).
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    I would have waited until the technical reviews and benchmarks are available before ordering the cars. The release is set for this evening. Technical reviews will be published at the same time. The reviews typically include power consumption and thermal properties. That way you would have valid information to make an informed decision.

    There have been an awful lot of unsubstantiated rumors so far. I guessing some hardcore gamers and enthusiasts might be disappointed.

    As for a power supply other than Corsair, Seasonic is a brand that also has a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with an extended warranty. There are two brand new models. the X 650 Gold and the X 750 Gold that have earned gold certifications for energy efficiency. All of the technical reviews have been very favorable. The psu's are based on a new design and are very quiet. I've got the X-65 Gold and can can attest to it's quiet operation.
  4. Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, that's a fairly obvious thing to do but I've actually read quite a lot of literature about the card itself and I'm convinced it would fit my needs better than the alternatives; may I also add that on most anglophone forums, the discussions were so polarized and superficial it has been terribly difficult to even discern what's exaggeration and what was substantiated fact. It almost felt like a political debate and I'd really rather avoid going there.

    Now, the subject of my original question was on the weakness of the particular model of PSU I have which, as I mentioned, meets all requirements of the card on paper but has a poor reputation for being an underachiever from reviewers.
    I just wanted to refute or confirm that I'll need to get a new one but in retrospect, I guess the tr2 rx probably has very little userbase here so I'm pretty much now looking for a capable replacement.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. kravmaga said:
    Thanks for the advice.
    Any recommendations apart from corsair models?
    Unfortunately, those won't power my motherboard due to atx incompatibility (afaik).

    How could your motherboard not be compatible?
  6. It's kind of beyond me.
    My rig is a Dell xps 435mt which has had this ghost in the machine for as long as it's been out. Several owners have reported the problem to Dell, Corsair and most often both without ever reaching a resolution. In the end, the consensus was a slight discrepancy in the ATX 2.1 standard of the motherboard which wasn't fixable and the solution was to avoid corsair models.
    And now that it's been discontinued, there's a snowball's chance in hell Dell will do anything to address it so I'll live with it.
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  8. ACH! I noticed the comment about motherboard compatability but forgot to ask about it. I am a senior citizen and I am growing old disgracefully.
  9. I start here when looking for a new PSU:

    After that, it's over to here:

    For comparison purposes , the list below contains performance ratings (10 scale) at / prices as per newegg on 02/26/2010 and ones w/ double asteris (**) made it onto's Editor's Choice List:

    Note: Just because you see a brand name on this list, never make the assumption that their other lines are of matching quality. Silverstone for example garners a 10 in one model but has other models w/ 6.0 and 7.0 ratings.

    Antec Signature 650W (10.0) OOS **
    Seasonic X-650 650W (10.0) $160 **
    Silverstone Olympia OP650 (10.0) NFS

    Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W (9.5) NLA

    Antec Earthwatts EA650 650W (9.0) $75

    Antec True Power Trio 650W (7.5) NLA

    XFX XPS 650W XXX Edition Power Supply (7.0) NFS

    Antec NeoPower Blue 650W (6.5) NLA

    BFG BFGR650PSU 650W (6.0) NLA

    NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W PSU (5.0) NFS

    NFS - Not For Sale / NLA = No Longer Available / OOS - Out of Stock

    Not on jonnyguru's list but the Corsair TX650 is comparable to the EA-650 and the Corsair HX rubs elbows with the SG-650.
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