New to overclocking, and want to do basic first

hello all ive posted here on TH before, and now that i have my build set up, I want to speed my computer up, i dont wanna break or mess up anything without getting help first

phenom ii 965 BE 3.4 ghz
hyper 212+ cooler
M5A99X evo mobo
vengeance 1600 8gb (2x4)
asus gtx 560 graphics
in HAF 912 case

ive used asus ai suite to up the power and performance but ive heard it's better to do it manually and from start-up

any and all info would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    A good start would be to read this guide and it will give you the basice of overclocking your cpu. There are other stickys at the top of this forum that will help you also , you just have to find the ones that are for AMD cpus.
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