Corsair F60 SSD Slow as a snail...

This morning I woke up and decided to update drivers (Chipset,Sata,LAN, and updated the bios). Everything was fine. I booted up and decided to try and oc to 4.0 ghz... Somewhere along the lines I screwed something up and when I tried to reset the pc to P95 my oc it gave me an option to choose an operating system (because it could not find my f60). I restarted again, went into the bios, under "Sata config" My f60 is not even listed. I went into the "asus ez mode" bios area and clicked on the little boot button in the bottom right. It listed the f60, i clicked on it and it booted. Except now it takes me 30 seconds just to get past the "welcome" screen after typing in the password, then everything just lags for a good 5 minutes before I can use the pc. I went back into the sata config area and set ports 5-6 to IDE (1-4 being ahci). Now it loads the os to the login screen without any hiccups, and is still slow, except my bios still does not list the ssd.

Addit. info. The very first thing I did when i noticed there was a problem was clear cmos and reset bios to optimized defaults.

MB=Asus formula V

Re-installed the sata drivers and suddenly my pc thinks it wants to work like good ol' times again. Although Sata config still fails to list my ssd.

Took a closer look and my ssd is plugged into the sata6g_1 connector. There is an Sata6g_e1 header that I can connect the ssd to but i'm not sure that will help?
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  1. You might want to contact ASUS Tech Support on that one, especially since the system went unts after the BIOS update.
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