Video card for Gateway sx2800

I recently purchased a Gateway SX2800-01 Quad Core Q8200/4GB/640GB with a 220 watt power supply.

I would like to add a graphics card and am seeking recommendations. The computer has a video card PCI Express X16 Slot.

Some have used Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT LowPower LowProfile and reported having no problems. I wonder what the long term effects of such a card would be.

Is there a better card for me?
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  1. My suggestion would be to get a bigger PSU which would cost around $50 or $60 and go with a more powerful card. For what those 9600GTs cost its not worth it IMO. But If you were to get the 9600GT it should't have a problem running on that system.

    2 questions

    What games do you intend to be playing with this? Also are you serious about gaming or do you just want to play here and there?
  2. I am going to seldom run games, but I would like to be able to whenever I want. I am concerned about the 9600 GT because the specs indicate a minimum of 300 watts in the power supply. I worry about the heat and the lack of power over the long term.

    I guess with me playing seldom, it would work.
  3. I have this computer and upgraded to the ATI / Saphire 5570 from Newegg. It unlocks DTS-HD and True-HD Audio and the actual HD video is noticably improved over the stock card. After adding the card video conversion time is reduced by about 60%. The card is supposed to be ok/good for gaming (but I dont use my PC for that).

    I have no issues with it overheating and the card with its fan fits into the slot with no problem. It took about 5 minutes to install it. Research this card. Others bought with the same system it before me and reported good results so i took the plunge and am happy i did.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. It sounds like a good card too. I am going to check it out.
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