5850 video card issue

I need to know why one of the three monitors I have connected to my 5850 card isn't coming on. each monitor I connnected into both DVI ports didn't work. Am I doing something wrong or are both DVI ports dead. And yes, I have the Displayport to DVI dual adapter connected.
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  1. Try them all seperately. Also what adapter are you using, the Sapphire one?
  2. I'm using the 1.3 gauge cable on the displayport adapter and also on one of the monitors and the final monitor, i'm using a pair of monster cable I got from Best Buy a while back
  3. You need an *active* displayport to dvi adaptor.

    These things aren't common, and they aint cheap either.


    Ignore that review, it does work. I have one and it works perfectly.
  4. Ok that should work fine as it's basically the same as the Sapphire (the sapphire is just a rebranded version).

    Try this :-

    Remove all the cables from the card. Insert the adaptor into your usb port + displayport on your 5850. Connect that to your main screen and see if it works fine.

    Then add one more monitor to one of your dvi ports and see if that works.
  5. That didn't work either. Does it matter if i'm using a dvi to hdmi adapter connected to the dvi port and does it matter which dvi port the dvi to hdmi.

    This is the adapter that i'm using in the dvi port, not the displayport adapter we already establish that so this is the other adapter i'm using to connect the third monitor.

  6. dvi - hmdi shouldnt matter at all, thats a simple through connection.

    I assume your dvi connectors are working fine with 1 screen? and the dvi-hdmi, and displayport all work fine when in solo mode?
  7. If you just use the displayport - dvi adaptor in your card, does it work (1 screen obviously).

    My main LCD is now run off the displayport - dvi adaptor and it works fine. That is, I have my sapphire active adaptor plugged into the pc via usb, and plugged into the gpu via displayport, and the dvi output is connected to my main screen.

    If you can't get a display off that then there must be an issue somewhere.
  8. IMHO, I think both DVI ports are bad. I swapped adapters (hdmi-to-dvi, dvi-to-D-sub) nothing because I noticed that between those two connectors that I mentioned just now, the male connector teeth are different and I those it might have made a difference, but it didn't, plus someone on Newegg purchased the same card and had the same issue as well.
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