Strange Clock Speed Under Load

Can anyone explain this to me? The left most picture is without Prime95 running, the other 3 are at random points while running Prime95. I don't think its temp related as its not even reaching 35C yet and only peaks around 40C after an hour or so.

I'm oveclocked from 3.1 GHz to 4.2 GHz but the CPU exhibited this behavior even before I clocked it up. I put a Noctua NH-C14 cooler onto my CPU yesterday and was very satisfied with the results and began to overclock. I've got my system stable at 4.2 GHz I'd just like to know why it does this type of fluctuation when heat is seemingly not an issue and if there's anything I can do to "fix" it (assuming its not supposed to do this) or change to stop it from happening (if it is supposed to).

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  1. i suggest using CPU-Z over Coretemp, because that one has given me nothing but misreads
  2. CPU-Z looks like this. Steady 4.2 GHz while idle (left most pic) and all over the place under load (the other 3).

  3. or check in AIDA64 CPUID
  4. that's strange, try updating your bios if you haven't already
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