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Hi, I have a dell d520 laptop which still has some future. I've been considering buying a new HDD since it only has 60GB of storage...So i thought about buying a SSD and benefit from its speed. I was wondering if SSD's only come in SATAII/III ... Is there any SATA 1.5GB/s SSD's? If so where can I find them.. I searched and couldn't find :(
Thanks for your time and consideration, I appreciate it.

Here are the laptop's specs if needed:
intel core 2 duo T7200
4Gb @667MHz
intel 945GM chipset
Win7 x64
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    It is possible for SSD's to function on SATA 1 but it would pay to check this out with the specific manufacturer of the SSD you are considering. All Corsair SSD's are compatible with SATA 1 according to Corsair.

    You will pick up a substanial performance increase over a HDD especially the 5400 RPM drives that come standard with laptops. If you were doing large file transfers your SATA 1 may be limiting but even so you will still get a good boost. If you consider the fact that file transfers would be limited by other factors such as your NIC or USB 2.0 for external drives your real world performance limitations would be small. The best part of the SSD technology its vastly superior seek times. SATA 1 will not limit the seek time advantage.

    Keep your original drive so if you decide to sell the laptop later you can whip out the SSD and throw it into your next machine.
  2. my Adata works fine on SATA 1, but have to check manual for specific model you are interested
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  4. Thanks a lot! That really helped me. Just one thing: Is the interface of a SATA-I the same as the the II and the III? Same number of pins etc?
  5. The interface on your laptop will be a standard SATA connection most likely so there shouldn't be issues there. When you go to buy the SSD just give the dealer the specifications of your laptop but I am 99% sure you will be good to go.
  6. Thanks :)
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