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Kinda new to this HDMI stuff so asking:

1. Will PCI-E 1.0 make a difference when playing HDMI movies?
2. Whats the feedback on powercolor 1gbddr3 4850 card
3. can i play Full HD movies using the comp with that card on my TV. Sony BRavia 32"
4. can i connect using the HDMI out on the card to my TV and get the full joy outta it ?

i know kinda stupid question but still would like to clear things up before of invest ...
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  1. 1) no, watching streaming video is not going to take that much bandwith to be bottlenecked by pcie 1.0 slot

    seems to get good reviews barring the guy that dident get his rebate and another without a crossfire bridge.

    looks like it but im no expert on tvs.

    4) yes.

    Note: if you are going to be using this card for just watching hd movies then you might want to look into getting an hd 5670. for power consuption, bitstreaming Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and such if those features are what you use.
    edit: forgot linky,review-31787.html
  2. thx for the input really appretiated
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