Help me with case airflow (illustration)

Hey guys...

I'm currently working on my case airflow. Have been experimenting a bit. My current cools the CPU quite well, while the Crossfire GFX cards are running a bit hot (had better GPU temps with former setup, though CPU temp would fire up during GPU load, receiving hot air)

My cards are non-ref, and I heard they tend to blow the used(hot) air into the case, just everywhere.


What do you think about it - of course mostly interested in feedback on the planned setup :)

Should note, if you don't derive it yourselves, that I have 4 fans at my disposal.
I also only push in filtered air to try to prevent dust accumulation.

In my ideal world, both the GPUs and CPU is offered cool/fresh air, while of couse I don't want to scew case ambient temp.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I don't think the airflow from the front is really strong enough, to remove the hot GPU air all by it self .
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  1. i found my best temps with the roof+back as exhaust, and the front+bottom as intake, if your cooler is like gigabytes windforce(which blows out the side) a side case fan would be beneficial to the setup
  2. Your PSU should have no opening into the main body of the case. You have it upside down. It should be picking up air from the floor and blowing it right out the back. It runs more efficiently at low temperatures, which it can't maintain with two cards' worth of heat blowing into it.
    I think your GPU arrows are wrong. GPU fans blow inward and send their heat either into the case (from the sides of the cards) or out the back. What are your cards?
    Your top and back fans should blow outward, your CPU fan should blow backward and your front fan should blow inward. I think that'll prove to be the most efficient way. I challenge you to benchmark the different setups, though :D
  3. @kajabla
    I know that it is upside down - some people suggested me that. I might have to turn it back, as it didn't really help, and probably only makes life harder for my PSU. Too bad, cause it was very much of a hassle to do so.

    I didn't mean to show how the GPUs blow the air, I just wanted to show that the PSU drew hot air from them.
    The red/blue ring illustrates my side fan.

    The setup you suggest would mean 1 in / 3 out = negative-pressure, which I prob want to avoid. I think though that I'll have to try the setup which I have planned. Else I will never know :)

    My cards are:
    1) PowerColor AX5870 1GBD5-PPDHG2
    2) Gigabyte GV-R587OC-1GD

    I heard they don't blow backwards. Also knowing that I have witnessed my CPU rise 5 C when only GPUs are loaded, I feel kind of convinced about that! Never going back to that setup, I tell ya ;)
  4. Good airflow diagram man,
  5. Motopsychojdn said:
    I'd remove that 'moderator' bit from your sig muhammad before a real mod notices it and decides to remove you :-)
    Good pic on the airflow though

    Thanks for the notification :)
    i'll do it right away :wahoo:
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